This Is The Revolution

Posted 8 years ago

"What can I do about it?" This is the most asked question when it comes to the declining state of the globe. Politicians and law enforcement are spying on all of us, bankers are taking advantage of uninformed people, our rights are disappearing, and dystopia is coming. We feel helpless. We tried to vote for 'Change', we tried protesting, we tried petitioning, we tried writing to our senators. There is only one thing left to do. Vote with our dollars.

Corporations buy our politicians, they profit from war, they control our food supply, they rule our medical industry. Politicians help these crooks by passing laws that support their greedy behavior. Politicians are profiting from this too. We can protest in the street but they will gas us, arrest us, and ignore us. We can write to our politicians, but they will ignore us. We can scream, we can shout, we can assemble. We'll get hosed, we'll get stifled, we'll get arrested.

This will be us
This will be us
Photo by Sacramento Bee

The only thing we can do is vote with our dollars. We are the consumers who make this entire system possible. When we buy major brands, when we spend money on things we don't need, when we engage in consumer, middle-class behavior, the government and the corporations win. Their desire is a world of willing, obedient consumers, ready to spend their dollars on anything and everything. They will pass that money and power down to their children, and they will control our lives for generations.

The best thing we can do right now is to become informed about where to spend our money, then spend it wisely. The key is to buy food from local, organic sources. Have our own gardens and our own small, sustainable farms. Make some of our own clothes. Trade with our neighbors, help each other. Learn to build our own houses, plow our own land, and be together as a community. We don't have to give up all the progress we've made, we just need to learn how to use it for ourselves.

Our new lives
Our new lives

We can't be pawns of greedy businessmen and politicians any longer. But we have to take back our hardships. We can't expect government and corporations to provide every little thing. We need to depend on each other. This is the revolution.

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  • My neighbor changed his car insurance from St*te F*rm to a 'little guy' insurer. Rate went from $4.6K/Y to $1.6K/Y.

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