The National Advises You To Quit Your Day Job, Do What You Love

Posted 11 years ago

One of my favorite songs by The National is Theory of the Crows. It takes place during the dotcom era when a couple of the band members were working in a startup, looking to IPO or have a sucessful exit, and Cash In. They caught the goldrush fever of 2000, and like so many others, got burned. Stereogum asked Matt Berninger what he would have done had he had struck it rich.

STEREOGUM: Ever wonder what would’ve happened if you’d become that millionaire?

MB: I probably would have taken guitar lessons and tried to start a band. Isn’t Steve Jobs or somebody in a rock band with Russell Crowe or something? I would’ve tried to hook up with those dudes.

Seems like he knew his passion from day one, and though he was doing a different line of work he knew he wanted to be playing a guitar, and he wanted to be in a band. Now The National has 5 studio albums and is crushing it in hockey arenas. I wonder if Matt Berninger is still doing consulting on the side.

We do our absolute best when we are doing what we love. It is not easy to find what you love so don't be discouraged. Sometimes it even takes a little magic. Just keep looking, and keep an open mind.

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  • this reminds me, i need to listen to more The National...

    par 10 years ago   Reply

  • this reminds me, i need to listen to more The National...

    par 10 years ago   Reply