Your Facebook Posts are 'Public'

Posted 10 years ago

Turns out that I've been posting in the 'Public' setting for some time now. This means whatever I post, anyone on Facebook can see. And anyone with an email address can sign up on Facebook. It does NOT mean anyone on the internet can see your posts, but a simple registration to the Book is all it takes.

I quickly created a new Facebook account and checked out my profile. Sure enough, all the public posts I have made are visible, and turns out I've made a lot of public posts. I browsed around on Facebook and could see my wife's profile in full, and lots of other folks.

All it takes is a short script to start m... Read More


Big Companies Are Trying To Protect You, For Once

Posted 11 years ago

Three big players and one little guy are looking out for your best interests. It is a good time to be a consumer. In the past we've seen loads of debacles around Facebook and privacy, and it seems like these guys don't want to make the same mistake.

The most recent protector of your identity is Apple. A few months ago they announced they would no longer allow developers to track your UDID, a unique identifier on your phone. The UDID is essentially an ID on your phone which allows apps to identify you. The problem is your UDID never changes, so Bob's app and Jim's app both call you the same name. Now Bob and Jim can talk about you, t... Read More