Building An App Is The New 'Starting A Band'

Posted 11 years ago

Although that's probably not a big surprise since everyone is looking for a 'rockstar programmer' or 'ux ninja' these days. I feel bad for my friends who don't posses these skills, it seems like that's all anybody cares about in the job market. And that reality is tough for job seekers, but it has an entirely different effect on youth.

Back in my day if you wanted to be cool, popular and get the girl/boy, you would simply need to start an awesome band with your friends (preferably in one of your garages). You didn't all know how to play your instruments but you'd pick it up as you go along. You would learn a thing or two, and some might play some local shows, some may even go on national tours. A lucky few may become Rockstars, trashing hotel rooms, doing cocaine in private jets, and proclaiming their idolization from rooftops.

Back then peoples heroes were the likes of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant or Bob Dylan. Today it's Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Reid Hoffman. An entirely different breed.

We've got more teens than ever building apps, starting businesses and getting rich. And why not? It probably takes the same amount of time learning to play guitar or learning to program. And it seems like the success rate is much higher for folks building apps, but don't ask me for the numbers on that. Also, it's probably just cool.

I can only imagine the pride and joy a teenager must feel if a good deal of their high school or even circle of friends is using an app he or she built. The media covering tech companies is only getting wider, and every day there are new stories of entrepreneurs under 25 doing amazing things. Not every teen who builds and app will strike it rich, or even become a programmer, but the low cost and high return of software development is attracting lots of young people. Young people who know that building an app can make them rich and famous.

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  • Very well explained here. Building an app is not an easy task and requires a great skills. Thanks a lot for the share. Keep doing the good work.

    mrunal 6 years ago   Reply

  • nice writeup

    stu 10 years ago   Reply

  • If anybody wants to help me on the path to learning code for app creation (Picking up the proverbial instrument), let me know! I have soon good ideas and am a professional graphic designer. Thanks!

    Clif Dickens 11 years ago   Reply

  • Want to build a custom iPhone app but don't know how to code yet? Blueprint it!

    11 years ago   Reply

  • 1) The fact that software tools are free/cheap now has had the biggest influence on the app creation volume. 2) There are still hordes of kids playing instruments and dreaming of being in a rock band. 3) Most importantly, coding unsuccessful apps doesn't get you laid. Playing in a rock band that goes nowhere does. :-)

    Gino 11 years ago   Reply

  • Who wants to start a band?

    dave 11 years ago   Reply

  • quite

    tijko 11 years ago   Reply

  • I'm a transgirl adult film actress and entrepreneur seeking to launch a startup incubator for transgender founders. How awesome is that.

    Allison Mobley 11 years ago   Reply

  • Why are the 'ninjas' working on the visible frontend and 'rockstars' on the invisible backend? Isn't that backwards?

    mrmekon 11 years ago   Reply

    • Yes, yes it is. But everyone knows the Real Work™ is only ever done on the back end. ;)

      actionscripted 11 years ago   Reply

  • I dig it!

    dave 11 years ago   Reply