Apple stock is Steve Job's Thriller album

Posted 11 years ago

This is a guest post by Stephen Johnston

Just like when any good celebrity worth their grits dies, we all go on a rampage to buy anything and everything that has to do with the late great entertainer.  Oh yes Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) was a genius, but he was also a celebrity and an entertainer.  A keynote delivered by him in a lot of ways was better than seeing Radiohead live in concert.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Apple.  In the late 80s they were the computers at school that I played Oregon Trail on.  Then I would go home and play DOOM on my PC, which was much cooler at the time.  Back then Apple was just a boring educational computer to me.  I was always a PC user at heart, and although I wasn't enamored with Windows I would use any computer that allowed me to play X-Wing or Tie Fighter. And whatever happened to those?

Then began the Apple heyday, the early aughts, and I considered the new Apple to be something of an elitist brand.  It was expensive, and I viewed it as something for people that lived on the coasts and kind of pretentious.  I lived in Austin at the time, and to me it was like a BMW or Mercedes to my Honda Civic.

Now that I am old(er) I have lived on both coasts, want the fancy cars, and play my games on consoles; I can safely say that I am also on the Apple bandwagon. I'm currently typing this on my Macbook Pro which happens to be, perhaps the best computer I've ever owned.  I don't own an iPad or iPhone yet, but I am beginning to fall out of love with Android and Google in general.  I also don't own any Apple stock, but it is booming and people around me are constantly reminding me to buy in now because it is going to hit 1000.  

I can't help but wonder if Apple stock is getting the same treatment as album sales that typically follow an entertainers death.

What do you think about Apple's stock / Apple in general?  Are you with us, or against us?  And before you say you’re against us don't forget about our iShark army with frickin lasers attached to their heads!

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  • I feel the same way, I grew up being a windows user (xp, vista and 7) then I moved on to ubuntu and I really liked it, but three months ago I bought a mac and I must say that I love, best computer I've ever had

    Permute 11 years ago   Reply

  • @par I'd bet my kids futures on it!

    eneve 11 years ago   Reply

  • Eneve, so is it going to 1000?

    par 11 years ago   Reply