Which JavaScript Framework Should You Learn To Make Money

Posted 3 years ago

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Which Programming Language Should You Learn To Make Money, and at the time, the post was fairly relevant. In fact, it still is today, with one exception. JavaScript. JavaScript has really started to come into its own lately. There are multitudes of frameworks, patterns, architectures, microlibraries, testing tools, build tooling, and more. It actually boggles the mind to contemplate how many different frameworks you can use to architect and build your JavaScript app. With Node, you now have isomorphic apps, utilizing your favorite event-driven, asynchronous goodies on the backend. 

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Philip K Dick Predicts The Matrix In 1977

Posted 3 years ago

Back before The Matrix, back before Simulacra and Simulation, and even back before Star Wars, Philip K Dick predicted that we are living in a computer simulation, and he cited his knowledge of this as the source of his novels. He even went so far as to describe a girl in black hair who shows up at his door and tells him his world is a delusion. While we may not want to believe PKD, we cannot deny his absolute prolificness, and that even today his work shows up all over our media. And the scary thing is, the closer we get to the future, the more accurate his predictions appear.

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